Safety Standards and Testing

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Our Commitment

Infinite Electronics provides safe and reliable products that meet or exceed customers’ needs. For safety critical environments, many products are designed to industry standards and evaluated by rigorous and independent third party testing using nationally recognized standards labs such as Underwriters Laboratories (UL).

What are the primary Safety Standards and Testing?

  • UL1449 for AC and DC SPD’s Testing includes evaluation of the protection level, low, medium, high fault current, and duty cycle. Examples of SPD ratings are Type 1 for installations ahead of the meter base, Type 2 at main panel, and Type 3 at an outlet.
  • UL67 for power cabinets, evaluated for components having individual certifications, touch safety, environmental compliance and high potential breakdown to ground.
  • UL50E for environmentally testing enclosures determines if the enclosure meets the requirements of the declared application. Testing may include dripping water, rain test, freezing rain, wind blown dust, corrosion and High pressure water. Examples of environmental ratings are Type1 Type 3R, Type 4X.
  • UL497B for SPD’s protecting data circuits. Testing includes fail safe without catching fire, signal integrity, and environmental.
  • UL62 for processed wire. Testing includes the physical and electrical properties of the wire.

Our Approach

Products that have been tested and comply with a safety standard bear the mark of the listing agency. The listed products are evaluated by the listing agency on a quarterly basis to ensure that they are still being produced as described in the listing file. To determine if our products have this mark, you may review the information shown on our product datasheets found on our websites’ catalog or call a customer service representative for advice on the right product for your application. Each brand website has the customer service contact information prominently displayed on its homepage.