Hazardous Environments

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Our Commitment

Infinite Electronics provides safe and reliable products that meet or exceed customers’ needs. For products that can be installed in hazardous locations such as explosive gas or dust environments, many products are designed to industry standards and evaluated by rigorous and independent third party testing using Internationally certified test labs like Intertek and Underwriters Laboratories (UL).

What are the primary Hazardous Environment Standards and Testing?

  • IEC 60079-0 is the basic standard for hazardous location testing published by the International Electrotechnical Commission.
  • IEC 60079-11 is the basic standard for Intrinsic safe devices which tests for limiting the energy of sparks and surface temperature.
  • IEC 60079-15 is the basic standard for non-Sparking tests which does not allow for sparks, arcing or hot surfaces. The testing is performed in environments that include acetylene, hydrogen, ethylene, propane, and Methane. Products certified for dust environments are tested in combustible metal dusts, carbonaceous dusts, flour, grain, wood, plastic and chemical dusts, and combustible fibers and flying environments.

Our Approach

Infinite Electronics products that can be installed in hazardous locations such as explosive gas or dust environments have gone through extensive testing for safety and installation in specific hazardous locations. Labeling and specifications on such products define the locations, temperature and specific gases the product can be installed within. These products are strictly controlled by the certification entity and receive third party surveillance audits on a quarterly basis to verify that no changes are made to the original tested device. To determine if our products are certified for hazardous locations, you may review the information shown on our product datasheets found on our websites’ catalog or call a customer service representative for advice on the right product for your application. Each brand website has the customer service contact information prominently displayed on its homepage.