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News and updates from Infinite Electronics

Infinite’s portfolio companies are continually driving growth through technology innovation, new product introduction, service enhancements, lean manufacturing practices, and customer partnerships. We deliver our news through major wire distribution outlets to inform our customers, prospective customers, investors and industry thought-leaders. Here are some recent news announcements covering new products, services, and other important company announcements from the Infinite Electronics’ portfolio companies.

A microwave frequency mixer is a 3-port electronic circuit that combines two or more signals into one or two composite output signals, and are categorized as switching mixers or nonlinear mixers– although many mixers are configured with both. Using diodes, the mixer is passive and has a conversion loss.

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Packaging dimensions, weight, pinouts and material construction are critical features of any RF amplifier. These factors heavily weigh into the cost and feasibility of using a particular amplifier in a given design. Regardless of electrical and RF performance…

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